Friday, November 13, 2009

Birthday weekend: a new approach.

No big deal or anything (only minimal sarcasm, I promise!), but tomorrow is my birthday. That means a weekend full of family, friends, and food... lot's of really good food.

I do enjoy having any excuse to partake in fine, and my birthday definitely serves that purpose. However, with the holiday season just kicking into high-gear, mid-November always seems a little preemptive to begin splurging on food.

Birthday Dinner Last Year
Splitting the "Chocolate Bag" for dessert last year seems modest enough...
This just doesn't show the huge meal I had consumed!
I felt full, but pushed myself to keep eating, simply because it was a "special occasion"...

This past year has meant many changes for me. Biggest of all I would consider to be the evolution of my relationship with food. Before, I often found myself rationalizing continuing to eat, even after the point I at which I was satisfied or full. Eating, especially when sharing was involved, was more like feeding time at the zoo, where I rushed to shovel in as much as possible. I neither appreciated the food nor felt good about myself when all was said and done...

Now, I make the deliberate effort to savor each bite and enjoy the true experience of eating, beyond just taste. Reaching this point has been a process, but I find the experience of dining to be so much more enjoyable when I make the effort to be tuned into my stomach.

With this new mentality, I am confident that I will enjoy all the birthday opportunities for good eating... just in a little less frenzied and frantic manner.

My question is: Do you ever know that you are full, but keep eating for the sake of eating/the food/a special occasion/etc...?


  1. I just randomly came across your blog!

    Happy (early) birthday! November is a great month! :)

    And to answer your question...yes, I do somethings eat after I am full. Normally this only happens on special occasions (such as birthdays, holidays etc.)It is always fun to splurge every so often!

  2. I should def. take the savor-each-bite approach more often, i probably look like cookie monster half the time. Happy belated.