Tuesday, December 8, 2009

First snow!

How is it that whenever it snows-- no matter what the temperature may be-- it just doesn't seem quite so intolerable outside?

My love for snow extends beyond the childlike joy I get by tromping through fresh layers; really, there is no comparison for the wonderland of a snow-covered landscape!

Of all the categories of snow, the best of all is the first snow of the season. For this one magical moment, I am still blissfully forgetful of the downside of the cold stuff: the slushy roads, the poor traffic, the sidewalks I will be made to shovel out...

Snow can make a person do crazy things... like waking up for sunrise yoga!

This morning I was less than enthusiastic about rousing myself for "sunrise yoga." In fact, I had myself thoroughly convinced by the time I feel asleep last night that I was going to be rebellious and skip out on the class. However, when my alarm went off not-yet-bright and early, I had a mysterious energy to get out of bed.

Still dreary eyed, I stumbled towards the window and looked out into the darkness. Quickly I realized it wasn't quite as black as usual; there was a certain reflectivity that could only be caused by... SNOW!

Suddenly jolted to awareness, I dressed in my yoga clothes, pulled on my boots, and made remarkable haste in getting out the door. The crisp morning air didn't phase me, as I took my sweet time in walking to my car. Ignoring the unfortunate side-effect of having to clean off my windshield, I just couldn't shake the sense of bliss I felt from the snow.

Despite the fact that just hours before I had been committed to not attending the class, yoga was truly enjoying; that I was giddy inside seemed to only contribute to an inner-calm!

Naturally, after class I had the perfect excuse to get a hot cup of coffee. The only thing that pairs better with snow than sledding is a nice beverage to warm the body up!

My good start to the day was only contributed to by the new kind of Kashi cereal I had waiting at home! I enjoyed my first bowl of "Honey Sunshine" cereal and some slightly thawed blueberries while cozily wrapped in a blanket and casually reading my "Major British Writers of the 19th and 20th Centuries" homework (which just so happened to be a humorous excerpt from a Monty Python skit!)

Just as the temperature were edging towards the freezing point and the sun was fully exposed, it was time for me to head out for my first class. Having started a morning with so much already accomplished is the best feeling!

Well, that, and the aforementioned sight of the first snow, naturally!


  1. There's something about snow that is magical - at least the first few of the year. By March I'm ready for it to be all gone. I love Kashi Honey Sunshine! It is my favorite cereal. I like mine with cinnamon and warm milk.

  2. Is cinnamon, warm milk, and cereal not just such a simplistically amazing combination? I typically use Kashi "Heart to Heart" for warm milk, since the substantial cereal pieces are good to standing up to the heat... but I'm gaining faith in "Honey Sunshine". Chances are it will become acquainted with warm milk before too long!