Sunday, December 6, 2009

Restructuring: Feedback requested!

Dear devoted follower-

When I first began my escapade into personal blogging, I was relatively green to blogging in general. I was eagerly bookmarking every single blog that caught my eye in any way. While I still do this, my tastes have become a bit more refined. In this process I have come to realize what I like and dislike about blogging styles.

I feel like, to some extent, this blog has been too much a strange hybrid of random recipes and an extension of my health and nutrition column. I have pressured myself to fit into a vision of what I thought a blog "should be": professional, informational, and somewhat authoritative.

Now, though, I realize that isn't really my style. In reflecting, the entries I have most enjoyed writing have been the ones that come to me organically; spur of the moment thoughts and observations, rather than carefully researched reports.

Actually, I feel like I can most effectively address the topics of health and nutrition by commenting on events from my life. This means the struggles, the triumphs, the experiences, and the lessons learned. So, where to go from here...

The blog will be more of a personal look into my daily life: good workouts I have, foods I eat, new recipes I discover, and the lessons I learn along the way!

Basically, I am a college student, who, despite a limited budget and somewhat limited resources, is still trying to make the best of navigating a healthful lifestyle!

All I ask from you is for feedback! I'll probably be playing around with structures for a bit, so I am open to suggestions and eager for reactions!

My goal is simply that, regardless of who you may be, you can still learn a thing or two from my endeavors! If so, then, mission accomplished!

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